Adobe Character Animator is an amazing addition to Creative Cloud with a great concept in mind. To help you make your own amazing animations without the specialist skillset for animating. All it takes is to import a puppet character and start controlling it through facial expression, lip-synch and button actions. Last time we prepared an in-depth review on where to start with Adobe Character Animator. With it, we included free puppets to start with. Today, we’ll continue the topic with a collection of editable vector backgrounds to suit your puppets and give an atmosphere to your videos. These 40 hand-picked Character animator backgrounds (free and premium) are separated into categories, depending on what your puppet character needs. So, as usual, you can use the overview below to fast-travel to a particular section of your choice.

Adobe Character Animator Backgrounds: Overview


Before we proceed, if you are new to the software and wish to know more about Adobe Character Animator and why you might consider it for your next video campaigns, you could check out these articles:

Now back to the free and premium backgrounds.

School Backgrounds

In our first category, we’ve gathered 12 colorful backgrounds, ideal for school, kindergarten, and college scenes. No matter if your character is a kid, a teenager, a college student, or a teacher. These detailed classrooms, corridors, exteriors, and libraries have something for everyone.

1. Kindergarten Room (Free)

A free background resource with colorful elements, suitable for kids room or a kindergarten class room.

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2. School Building Exterior (Free)

school building character animator background

This vector is a free background with a school building near the road. It’s perfect for scenes where characters just arrive or leave school.

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3. School Building (Free)

suburbian school character animator background

Suburbian school building with beautiful trees and a pond. It’s great for characters who study outside of the city or in a small village.

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4. Chemistry Classroom (Free)

chemistry class room with lab equipment character animator background

This free background offers a chemistry classroom with laboratory equipment and chemical formulas on the blackboard.

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5. School Hallway (Free)

school hallway character animator background

The free background shows a simple school hallway with a window and classroom doors.

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6. Math Class (Free)

math room character animator background

This is the perfect background for students or teacher characters during a math class.

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7. School Lockers (Free)

high-school lockers character animator background

This high- quality background with lockers can work for high- school, kindergarden or college corridor scenes.

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8. Empty Kindergarden Room (Free)

kindergarten room character animator background

Another colorful vector background for kindergarden scenes.

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9. High-School (Free)

school building with fence character animator background

A scene with a school or college building with a small fence.

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10. Library (Free)

library character animator background

A high-quality library scene with shelves, tomes and a librearian’s wooden desk.

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11. Classroom Background (Premium)

class room character animator background

Here we have an empty classroom with quality graphics, perfect for videos.

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12. Elementary School Maths (Free)

elementary school math classroom character animator background

Math class vector background for pre- and elementary school puppets.

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Interior Backgrounds

In this section, we have prepared a lot of good stuff for your puppets. Along with the stand-alone interior backgrounds, we have also included vector backgrounds collections and creation kits by GraphicMama. The collections feature scenes with rooms, offices, kitchens, conference rooms, kids’ rooms, fitness, bathrooms, and more. The creation kits (makers), on the other hand, include pre-made backgrounds and elements to create your own designs.

13. Small Kid’s Room (Free)

Equipped with a basketball, telescope, cars, and lovely posters, this is a lovely background for a small child character.

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14. Kitchen Interior Vector Creation Kit (Premium)

This creation kit includes 25 pre-made vector kitchen graphics. You can mix and match the individual elements from the 25 stylish vector illustrations and create your own unique look. The kit comes with different tables, chairs, kitchen appliances, jars, pots.

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15.  Kid’s Room Vector Graphic Maker (Premium)

The maker includes vector items and 25 pre-made kids’ room backgrounds. You can make your own illustration of exactly how you imagine the rooms of your characters. The kit comes with different kinds of toys, furniture, wallpapers, carpets, and much more.

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16. A Collection of 100 Rooms for Background (Premium)

A collection of 120 room background graphics. This bundle is perfect for web and graphic designers or non-professionals to impress the audience with a fresh, and modern look. The collection has presentation rooms, offices, rooms with whiteboards, home office backgrounds, kitchens, conference rooms, kids’ rooms, fitness, bathrooms, medical rooms, and more.

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17. Office Vector Graphic Maker (Premium)

This room builder can be used to create awesome office backgrounds. Ideal for your illustrations, web designs, animations, presentations, and more. It includes 100+ Office Items to create your scenes.

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18. Modern Living Room Maker (Premium)

A creation kit including plenty of living room item vector graphics. It also packs 25 pre-made vector living room backgrounds. The kit comes with different kinds of artworks, furniture, lighting fixtures, plants.

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19. Background Scenes for Adobe Character Animator (Premium)

These backgrounds were created specifically for Adobe Character Animator. They are 6 premade dynamic scenes. They come as .chproj files. All of them have animated triggers, so you could start or stop different animations in your background with just one click.

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20. Bedroom (Free)

A sunny bedroom scene with classy interior items, suitable for a young adult character.

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21. Bus/ Train Interior (Free)

Very high- quality free graphic background for scenes with characters travelling by bus.

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22. Teenager Bedroom

A dark room with high-tech equipment. It’s suitable for characters who are teenagers, students, and developers.

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City Landscape Backgrounds

After the interior background samples, it’s finally time to go outside. Let’s pick some modern city landscapes. These include urban scenes, modern buildings, streets, night city backgrounds, post-apocalyptic aesthetics, and even a lovely medieval village, because why not.

23. Urban and Nature Landscape (Free)

This panoramic landscape has an interesting concept that it shows quite literally. It might be ideal for specific environmental projects. Or even ones related to traveling. Everywhere your puppet character needs to be.

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24. City Traffic Lights (Free)

This background shows city crossroads with traffic lights intersection that can be used for multiple purposes.

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25. Public Park (Premium)

With a lovely flat vector style, this public park background is also suitable for multiple concepts and projects.

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26. Night City Neon Lights (Free)

This breath-taking background shines with everyone’s favorite for a reason retro-futuristic 80s style with neon colors. It’s simply stunning and will look great on night scenes. For example, if your office puppet character goes home after work, or goes to a party, and many more.

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27. Modern Metropolis (Free)

A similar to the previous scene background. A very high-quality neon retro-futuristic metropolis.

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28. Night Avenue Lights (Free)

Flat style avenue with modern buildings, a road and a lamp post. For multiple purposes.

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29. Night City

A night life city background where nobody sleeps. In case your character doesn’t either.

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30. Urban Background  (Free)

Modern city background with tall bisiness buildings.

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31. Small Modern City (Free)

Small town with beautiful colorful houses and shops.

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32. Medieval Town

An old European looking street with medieval houses. Good for projects related to history, tourism and education. Or LARP.

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33. Night Suburbs (Free)

Quiet night in the suburbs.

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34. Village Houses (Free)

And a day in the suburbs.

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35. Post- Apocalyptic City (Free)

A city destroyed in a war, in a dystopian world. This post-apocalyptic scenery suits very specific related projects.

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36. Nuclear Explosion (Free)

Mushroom cloud taking over the city in an apocalyptic background.

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37. Bomb Explosion (Free)

The last post-apocalyptic scene with an already ruined city.

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Nature Backgrounds

To have a good break from the dystopian genre, let’s jump into some fresh beautiful nature sceneries.

38. Carnival (Free)

Background theme with a colorful carnival. It brings athmosphere to puppet characters in festive scenes.

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39. Desert Road (Free)

A cartoon landscape of barren desert with a car on the highway that rides along the canyon.

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40. Under Water (Free)

For characters with diving suits and mermaids. Or every puppet that needs to be underwater.

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41. Alien Planet (Free)

A stunning alien landscape. Ideal for specific projects related to science, SciFi and similar.

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42. Green Outdoors (Free)

Gorgeous green landscape. Nothing more, nothing less.

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43. Steaming Volcanoes (Free)

A lovely volcano island scenery where things get hot quite literally.

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44. Log bridge (Free)

This log bridge between two mountain cliffs and a waterfall in the backgrounds brings an adventurous athmosphere.

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45. Nature Park (Free)

A classic nature reserve park with a pond and tall pines. It’s ready to invite some camping puppet characters.

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46. Mountanin Landscape (Free)

And here’s our last vector background for this selection. A lovely peaceful mountain landscape with a road.

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Final Words

This was all for today’s examples and samples of free and premium Character Animator backgrounds. The files come in EPS. You can edit or animate later. As usual, when it comes to the free graphics, keep in mind that some might be for personal use only. While others might be both for personal and commercial use. I hope we inspired you to create great videos with your puppet characters.

In the meantime, you can also expand your resources for Character Animator puppets with our free mouth shape sets that will give voice to your characters and bring them to life.

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