Your On-line Portfolio can make the difference and set you apart from other applicants when applying for your next job. It can also lead to some extra work on the side from people who stumble upon it.

1. Remember that first impressions count .
When people visit your on-line portfolio, make your website very visual, with lots examples of your skills within the design itself include your main highlights on the main page, and provide a clear and easy navigation for your website.

2. Include examples of your previous work
Show examples of work you have done, by giving links to websites you have designed, Scanning in offline material to show examples of your drawing skills, including videos you have been involved in. You can

3. Submit your Portfolio to Designer Websites
Here are some to get you started

  • Creative

4. Make it easy for people to contact you
Provide at least your email address and a phone number people can contact you on. This will help you generate leads and possible extra sources of income.

5. Provide a traditional CV on your portfolio
Make your Full CV available in either printable format directly from your website or by providing a down-loadable work document. Chances are your future employee will want to print your CV to compare against others, using your on-line portfolio as a reference. Providing a down-loadable document will make it easier for them to share your CV with others involved in the application process.

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