Whether you're a businessman with an established business, a start up entrepreneur or a professional, you need postcard design that is an exact match of your industry. When graphic design is the last of your competency though, you can simply choose from a variety of templates from online printers.

Printing companies offer an extensive gallery of design templates to make it easier for their customers to come up with beautifully designed prints. And because of competition, they invest heavily on the quality and extensiveness of their galleries.

1. Your postcard may be small, but they will be subject to close scrutiny. The templates are made of high resolution images so you can expect crisp and clear images when you have these images printed. The minimum resolution for your postcard should contain at least 300 dpi.

2. In addition, with the templates are outfitted with guide lines such as the trim marks and the bleed. The trim line is where you expect your cards to be cut, while the bleed is the permission provided for cutting. The sheets of printed paper are stacked when cutting so there is a minimal sliding when your postcards are cut to size.

3. The templates are designed to meet a comprehensive list of categories for businesses. With all the designs available, you will certainly find one that fits you perfectly. If you want to customize your prints further, you can even upload your own image and logo and incorporate it to the generic design.

4. You also have a choice of fonts and fields you want included in your cards. Online design programs allow you to format your text. You may change the font styles, font colors, and font sizes. You may also delete unnecessary fields or add new text. The elements can also be moved around, just remember to stay within the safe zone.

5. You can use the program to format the back side of your postcard as well. Like the front side, the template on the back can be formatted as well. The back side though has additional guidelines that inform you where the postal marks will be located. You can use the back side to include your advertising copy and the mailing information.

6. When you are unsatisfied with the template you chose, you can simply reset everything and choose a new template. This will bring you back to the templates gallery to choose the design you want. You can do this as much as you want until you find the perfect postcard design.

The best part about working on an online design program is the ease with which you can have your cards printed. When you finalize your card, you can wait for a digital proof which will show you what the cards are supposed to look like. This is your final chance to make last minute corrections.

You can then proceed to check out. Choose the specifications you want your postcard design printed on, and the volume of prints you need. You will then be asked to pay for the total cost. When you've completed the online transaction, your cards will be ready for printing.

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