California emerged during the technology boom during the dot-com era as one of the best places to obtain a computer science degree in California. A quick internet search will turn up tons of programs that promises to provide a thorough academic foundation for you to compete in the computer technology industry.

One of the preeminent schools is California State University which offers a computer science degree in several areas: computer graphics programming, general computer science, math / science and computer systems. Whether you choose California State University or another school, you will receive a thorough education in a degree program that will prepare you for employment anywhere in the world.

Computer Science Degree California – Computer Graphics Programming

Receiving a this degree in computer graphics programming prepares you for the multimedia design industry. You can find employment in television, video game design, the motion picture industry or the software design industry. The digital world has expanded across many different areas. With a degree in computer graphics programming, you are prepared to create images, graphics and video files. The course work is competitive, challenging and rewarding. Common areas of study include structured C ++ programming; vector imaging for computer graphics; and, design for visualization and communication.

Specific Skills

With a computer science degree in California in computer graphics programming, you will become a skilled computer graphic designer with the knowledge and skills to enhance real life visual effects. You will also become an expert in Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver and Maya, software applications which are used to create media graphics.

Computer Science Degree in California – Career Fields & Occupational Outlook

The computer graphics programming field combines art and technology. A career in this field will earn you the distinction of being a highly creative industry leader. The specialized training in the cutting edge design software and digital media equipment will keep you in the computer graphics forefront.

The annual salary for a computer graphics programmer and designer varies by company size and the region of the company in which you work. On average, an individual can make between $ 75,100 and $ 102,312. Computer graphics and video game design have a connection which essentially guarantees job stability. Career opportunities continue to grow.

Even if you elect not to focus on a specialized area at California State University, you will receive a thorough education in the practical and theoretical aspects of computer science, computer engineering and mathematics.

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