Crafting with music in the background is one method recognized for its' ability to help you zone into your activity. But, if you find yourself being more distracted with the use of music, it is obviously not the right option for you. Still, exploring the possibilities can help you tune into a better creative process when one of those possibilities happens to work better than what you are already doing.

Notably, we can go through cycles in our inspirational needs; silence and solitude may be especially comforting at certain times, yet, like the seasons changing, internally, our creativity and intuitive demands may lean us toward exploring outside stimulation on other occasions.

Here are a few among the many external experiences which can alter the way we create and possibly admit a more creative state (depending on where are needs are at the time).

1. Creating In Nature Settings or In Front of An Inspiring View

Taking a stroll along the beach, walking in the park, or hiking before beginning a sketch or a craft project (working in the middle of awning scenery) is one way to take advantage. You can also be less active by simply setting up your materials (a suitcase of crafts for scrapbook enthusiasts, an easel, brush and canvas for painter and a pad and pencil for writers). Once you have the bench, the blanket or another seat, you can begin the process of being immersed in the scenery which will feed back into what you create as a form of inspiration.

2. Creating Among Crowds

Create while people watching in parking lots, places: places where the noise and bustle of passersby can melt into one or a few tones, laying a backdrop for work which will feed best off that type of frenetic or active energetic inspiration.

3. Creating In Silence And Or Solitude

A quiet room, an emptied library or another near-empty space may be the perfect location when you really need to become centered in an introspective and grounding sort of way.

Finding silence in a regularly used study or work room may accomplish the same feat. This is the opposite of needing to shake up and excite your energy, which you can achieve through the options below and the ones above, depending on the chosen setting.

4. The Something New Option: Creating In New Never before Seen Places or Rarely Explored Places

Going to explore something fresh and new can give a certain renewed and spontaneous energy to your senses and what you create. At times, we really need to see something new and different, for our own sanity, and for the creative process as well. Choosing from a set of inspiring ideas may lead you in the right direction for work, play and emotional-spiritual well-being.

5. Creating With Music in the Background

Crafting, making art or working with different types of music in the background (high energy and low) can offer the excitement or the quiet mind meditation that you would like to incorporate into your being for your momentary wellness. And, choosing what will address these energetic needs naturally feeds your creative and work processes, too.

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