There are three very important article writing tips that are based solely around common sense. These three articles writing tips are presented herein:

Tip # 1 – Know your audience. When you sit down to write an article about any given topic, you must know who your main audience is. This will determine how in-depth your article should be. For instance, if you are writing for a website that has a main audience of "professionals" then you will need to format your articles to target this type of audience. However, if you are writing for general readers and consumers then you will need to make sure that your terminology is presented in a manner in which anyone can understand.

Tip # 2 – Have a plan. When you set out to write an article ask yourself what the purpose of the article is. Focus your articles on one purpose. This will ensure that your readers get the point of your article. If you have more than one purpose consider writing a series of articles instead of a single article.

Tip # 3 – Editing. Make sure that you edit your work once it is done. Read over your articles in order to ensure that there are no typical spelling or grammar mistakes. Additionally, read your article out loud in order to find any phrases or sentences that do not flow well. When reading an article out loud you are more apt to find mistakes that you may have missed while reading it to yourself.

Put these three writing tips to use in your next writing writing project and you will immediately begin to produce higher quality articles.

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