How to Find Copyright Free Pictures

Whether you need an image for a book cover, graphics for a publication, or photos for your blog, copyright free pictures are the way to go! Pay per photo sites often charge mega-bucks for using their images commercially, and their terms of use and licenses can leave you more confused than ever with the legalese. Thankfully, hundreds of photographers and artists have donated their works to the public domain, and you can use them without charge for your business projects.

Some copyright free picture sites host images that were taken mostly from antique or rare books. An example is FromOldBooks where you can find high resolution, free images, scanned from antique books. Another hub for these types of pics is KarensWhimsy. These images are often highly ornate, intricate drawings or watercolors. They’ll work for some niches, but if you have a more modern market, you’ll want to search elsewhere.

Perhaps a photosharing site like StockVault would work for your business needs. Please note – no matter how many times the words “copyright free” are used on the site, be sure to check the terms of use, especially since different contributors can set their own terms. Stay legal!

Another copyright issue comes up when using images of people. Sites like RepublicDomain offer copyright free pictures, but no model releases. Always make sure you can locate a model release when using a picture of a person, unless the photo was taken at an angle that completely prevents the identification of the individual. This includes pictures of babies and children – a model release signed by the legal guardian is necessary.

One of the simplest ways to find high-quality images for free use is to search for the kind of image you want plus the word “.gov”. For instance, if you’re wanting a close up photo of a wolf, do an online search for “”. The United States government sites host thousands of pictures in the public domain. Terms of use for the photos are easily found, but if you have a question, simply locate the contact info for the site and ask if you have permission to use a certain photo. Government site webmasters are used to this type of request, so don’t hesitate to contact them.

Copyright free pictures often are as high-quality as the professional stock pictures you’d pay through the nose for (as far as commercial use goes). A little research will uncover hundreds of free-photo sites – perfect for your online or offline business ventures!

Kama Sutra Positions Illustrations

There are lots of sex positions in the Kama Sutra manual. For every Kama Sutra positions, there are different illustrations for each of them. Let me just share with you my version of illustrations about some of the positions here:

1. The Clip. This position starts off with the man lying down with his legs outstretched. The woman will then sits on top of him and allow his manhood to enter her. Then she will lean back and control the thrusting movement. In this position, the man is free to enjoy a clear view of his lover making love with him, and is also able to cares her breasts and buttock with his free hands.

2. The Visitor. This position is extremely suitable for you during quickies as it can be done anywhere and anytime. The man and woman will stand face-to-face and engage in a passionate lips-locking. Then the man will penetrate her, while using both his hands to hug her tight. If the woman is taller than the man, it will make this position easier.

3. The Basket. The man will lie against a wall with the woman sitting on top of him. He will support her pelvis and pull her onto him for defect penetration. The woman is in control and the man is in an ideal position to kiss and cares her breasts.

4. The Delight. The woman will lie on her back with her legs open. The man will then slide in between her legs and lift up her hips for easy penetration. The man will be in an ideal position to kiss and lick and abdomen, whereas the woman can just lie back and enjoy the ride.

These are just some of the Kama Sutra sex positions available in the manual. The naming for the positions may differ from the Kama Sutra manual, but the benefits and illustrations are more or less the same. Enjoy.

Basics of Studying Graphic Design

If you are highly skilled on the computer and artistically inclined then a career path is in all likelihood going to refer to something in the area of ​​graphic design. If wishing to pursue this career path there are many high-quality art schools offering a comprehensive range of graphic design courses, which are tailor to specific areas in the industry. Prior to enrolling into a particular graphic design school it generally benefits to have an appreciation of what will entail if you followed this particular career line.

Knowing what to study in art or design school

The type of learning you are likely to experience in an art school is likely to vary quite significantly; this will depend on the particular program you sign up to. Basically, you are likely to be instructed on the basics of design, which might involve typography, color theory, and drawing. Your chosen direction is likely to involve a wide range of typography classes, such as experimental, poster, web-based, manual, and digital. A standard course might also involve learning several different fields including those relating to information design, editorial, and print.

Deciding on the best career path in design

A chosen career path in the graphic design industry is likely to revolve around the particular type of tuition you received through your time at art school. Some of the main opportunities in graphic design for a successful career included website design, brand identity design, publication design, retail design, environmental design, and several others.

Even though there is not any guarantee that a recognizable qualification or degree in one of the arts or design fields will result in a promising job in the short-term, these qualifications will go a long way to making sure that you are rightly prepared to pursue a career in this industry at some stage. In view of the increasing demands of design, either internet-based or offline, this is one of the career paths that is likely to require more and more skilled personnel as time goes by.

Considering the other skills a designer may require

Beyond just being highly skilled at creating the artwork for a website or print publication, it is also necessary for someone in the world of graphic design to acquire other standard skills, which can relate to having an excellent people skills. A need to interact with other people in a team is likely to be essential if you are to be working in a team.

The Price Of Graphics Cards For PC Gamers

So there has been a ton of success for games made on the PC, not necessarily, the quantity of games shipped, but the quality of the games development. PC gamers are the new connoisseur of gaming, standards have to be met to please the most hardcore of gamer on the PC. The expectation of graphics, gameplay, controls and overall feeling of the game must present itself as a true landmark over its home console counterparts, and effectively use whatever hardware a gamer has on its PC. The line has been stretched so thin between a casual PC player like a "bejewler" from a hardcore PC Vet playing all the newest first person shooters. Are PC games better than console games? and is worth all the money shoveling in order to get a worthy computer?

PC games better? Well it is all an opinion, but, PC gamers like myself value something in the mouse and keyboard as uncomfortable people might find the controls. And a lot of people like to think they get what they pay for, which in this instant I fully heartedly believe. Computer hardware for gaming can get very expensive and, although, games are only 50 bucks (ten dollars cheaper than Xbox 360), the graphics card, ram upgrade and whatever else you need is an arm and toe out of your paycheck. The newest FPS Crysis is a modern gem that everyone is raving about because it gets the closest to looking as real as possible. But most people can not play this game on their store bought Dell, they will need a graphics card that cost around 300.00 500.00 dollars. The Nvidia 8800GTX will do quite nicely, this graphics card has 512MB of ram and will make Crysis and Gears of War run better than imaginable, but is it worth the price?

I've come to find that the price is well worth it, the computer is my console and I would not have it any other way. Forking out the extra money for the uprising of great games is something I want to do, and personally I find it outweighing the other gaming options more than 2 fold.

So you might feel the same way as I do, and you need to get some upgrades on your computer. Well like I said if you have a fairly good processor in your computer than you need to upgrade to 2 gigs of Ram and get a graphics card with at least 256 MB, which varies with what you want to play. And there are cheaper graphics cards out there for less than 200.00 dollars, you just need to know where to look (scroll down for the link to look at games and what graphics cards they need). Other options to look at are buying a new gaming computer, check out the Area-51 7500 if you want a desktop, or the Area-51® m5550 if you want a laptop. They both are made by the best company for gaming computers: Alienware, and will only cost you a little over 1000.00 dollars. And give you best monitors, speakers, hardware and more for playing PC games.

What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design refers to a specialized area of ​​the Visual Arts.
Generally, it is considered to be for commercial, advertising or educational purposes. It involves the enhancing of a product, service or information by designing a pleasing visual or set of visuals.

Traditionally, this field has included both the creative
preparation and implementation of materials in the areas of: Logo Design, Corporate
Identity, Brochure Design, Photo Retouching, Charts / Graphs / Diagrams, and other
printed materials. Graphic Design can also include the preparation of 35mm Slide
Presentations, Television Advertisements, Multi-Media Presentations, and others
Visual Aids.

Today, the term Graphic Design also includes the rapidly
expanded Web Design market. While a Designer may certainly specialize in
one area, it is common to find designers with applicable knowledge is more than
one discipline. An artist may be expected to design own websites, edit
photos for both print and web use, and design printed materials which also have
web applications.

Most of us are surrounded by artwork work daily without
even realizing it. Many of the web sites you visit involve the efforts of a Graphic
Designer. Advertising Agencies employ many of them to prepare the ads
you see on television. And here are some more signs of Graphic Designers on the
scene: the signage you see in front of businesses; the menu at last night's
restaurant; the morning newspaper; the brochures at the doctor's office; all those
greeting cards at the store; and yes (unfortunately!) all that junk mail you

In the past, a Graphic Designer could rely on predominately right-
brain tendencies of being a "Creative" type. These days, a Designer needs to
have a "balanced brain" in order to be successful. In the last two decades,
knowledge of computers and increasingly powerful software programs has
become a requirement to accomplish the necessary creative work. One must not
only be "Creative," but also possess the "Logic" skills to pilot numerous software
programs, trouble shoot computing issues, etc.

Graphic Design is a highly rewarding career. Not only does it
challenge an individual mentally, it also offers the opportunity to network with a
wide variety of professionals in numerous fields. This profession is also a great Work
At Home opportunity. Once one is established (education, contacts, etc.), a Home
Office can be the perfect option. Incomes vary and are dependent on a number of
factors, including: area (s) of expertise, years of experience, business contacts, etc.

Learning Photoshop Basics for Free

Adobe Photoshop, called simply Photoshop by most, is a leading graphics editor developed by Adobe Systems. It is used to create and manipulate images, both for personal and commercial use. Photoshop can be used in multiple operating systems, including Microsoft, Macintosh, and Linux. Since 1988, Photoshop has evolved from containing basic editing tools to the now more advanced functions, including the warp tool and the grain reduction filter for photos taken in low light. Because of this, there is a need to learn the basics and constantly re-learn additional features of the software; hence, the continuing increasing number of free Photoshop tutorials available.

The Adobe Photoshop program itself offers tutorials. First, check out the manual. This contains explanations on the basic tools of the software. The program also comes with ReadMe and ReadMe First! files that also contains helpful information. When you open Adobe Photoshop, you can also go to Photoshop Help under the "Help" tab. If you are using Windows, the shortcut would be to click F1. You can then choose from a set of basic Photoshop topics, such as making color adjustments, drawing, applying filters, and using layers.

Free Photoshop Tutorials also abound on the Internet. The advantages of using the Internet to look for free tutorials are that these resources are more updated that those found in books or those built-in with the program. The Internet also provides almost unlimited information for various topics and useful tips from other users like you. Also, you can access these tutorials at your own time in the convenience of your home.

The most trusted source of free Photoshop information is the Adobe Website, which can be seen at . Adobe Online offers free tutorials, how-to guides, interactive online courses and online seminars. Adobe Online also allows registered users access to Photoshop Knowlegebase, which contains answers to technical questions. Adobe also offers customer service, which can vary depending on your location.

You can also join several online Photoshop forums. These allow Photoshop users to interact with one another and answer each other's questions. Adobe also has an online forum for its products, including Photoshop. Aside from this, there are other forums on Photoshop and other similar software that you can join.

If you still want more information, you can also search the Internet for other sources. Using a search engine, you can find numerous websites offering free Photoshop tutorials. Free Photoshop tutorials are available in multiple formats, including text, audio, video, or combinations of these. Depending on your availability, tutorials may also be contacted in real-time or may be accessed on-demand.

Some websites offer a list of free online tutorials from different sources, such as [] and . Other sites offer free tutorials that can be accessed on their webpages, while some websites send the tutorials directly to your e-mail. Some websites also offer online tutorial and training courses, which you can try out for free for a set trial period. You can also avail of tutorial courses using chats and call or video conferencing, which can be connected to one-on-one or with a group. These live tutorials are more interactive, allowing you to ask questions during the process and provide feedback to the other users.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to searching for free Photoshop tutorials online is that you can not always be assured of the quality of the tutorials. Majority of these tutorials are not certified or supported by Adobe Systems. Also, some websites offering free Photoshop tutorials advertise that their tutorials are free when, in fact, they are not. Users looking for free Photoshop tutorials should be on the lookout for these sites and should proceed with caution.

Are You Are Looking For Clip Art Ready To Digitize For Embroidery And Screen Printing?

You are looking for clip art and you are becoming dissatisfied with your search on the Internet. You find numerous sites that offer clipart, but the quality is poor and the prices astronomical. If you face this problem, look no further than DesignStitch.

You can find hand drawn clip art images that are delivered to you instantly through e-mail. You can use these original sets to create and sell numerous projects without the worry of paying royalties. To start shopping for designs, you search through their web pages to find the images that best suit your needs. You can choose from pre-made custom sets, classic clip art images or exclusive sets. Once your chosen products are in your shopping cart, checkout is a simple process. You can at this point change the format that you want the clipart delivered by e-mail to you. They offers their images in CDR, JPG, GIF, EPS or WMF format. When delivered in CDR format, you can do nearly limitless tasks with the clipart. You will be able to ungroup the images, make the images bigger or smaller, and make them as your own designs using the program CorelDRAW 9 or above.

If you desire, you can request delivery in CMX format. DesignStitch offers the convenience of having the image delivery in vectors and bmp.

One of the best things that you will find out about DesignStitch is that their clip art is ready to digitize for embroidery and screen printing immediately. There are numerous other things that you can do with the clipart that you purchase as well. You can use the images for your website or T-shirt printing among other things. Furthermore, you can find , artwork to digitize and sell like embroidery machine format.

You may be wondering what type of images that they offers. You can find animal images, drawings of children and holiday themed clip art. This is just to name a few, check out the site to see more of their offerings. The images are full of vibrant colors and expertly drawn. DesignStitch stands apart from other clip art sites due to the great deals that its offers its customers. For instance, they offer members of their Yahoo group, access to free clip art. It is simple to join, merely type in your e-mail address found in the free samples tab and then you are able to subscribe to the group. This is a great way to test out their products before you make a purchase. Once you see the high quality of their work, you will want to return time and time again to acquire their unique designs. There are also sales events from time to time that allow you to buy clip art sets at a mere fraction of its original price.

Design Stitch offers their custom sets to a limited number of buyers. Limited quantities promise a guarantee of originality. These sets are usually sold to only six customers before they are listed as sold out.

Be sure to check back often for new updates every week. Every Tuesday and Friday, they offer new pre-made custom clip art that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

DesignStitch is an easy to use and affordable site that can satisfy all of your clip art needs. You will not find this many original and fun images anywhere else.

Going to a Good Graphic Design School Helps You Succeed in the Competitive Field of Graphic Arts

Graphic designers are the talented forces behind the ads seen in magazines, websites, billboards and various other visual displays. There are jobs for graphic designers in a wide array of industries. Where you decide to apply your creative skills depends on individual preference. The field has opportunities available areas from film to doing printed advertisements.

The role of a graphic designer is to create graphics that visually communicate the intended purpose to the viewer. These individuals possess natural skills in art as well as trained skills acquired through a school program. The classes will teach a variety of techniques used with computer and hand tools. There are degrees as well as certification programs available to become a graphic designer. There are also programs offering degrees from online learning facilities.

The degree you receive will not guarantee you a position in the field of your choice. It will, however, prepare you for the knowledge needed to succeed in fields such as marketing or film. Most graphic designers have enjoyed art of some form and have practiced perfecting their skill from as early as elementary school.

Taking graphic design courses will provide you with the options available in the field and prepare you for a career. The modern day graphic designer utilizes the use of a computer for the majority of projects required in the field. Classes will provide direct instruction for using design programs and creativity to move ahead in the field after graduation.

Even though the majority of art produced is done with a computer program this is an extremely creative field to be employed in. When you work as a graphic artist you will need to be consumer oriented. If you choose to work in advertisement the graphics produced should be appealing and grab the consumer's attention. If you choose to work as a freelancer, you will need to produce excellent work as well as be open to client recommendations and changes.

Going to school and getting a degree in design is a must for anyone serious about this kind of career. When researching school options, it should not be a program for fine arts, but one that is designated for graphic design. Many schools work with students to help them find employment during and after graduation with a company desiring a graphic design artist.

This is a college or university degree; therefore, if you are concerned about how to finance it know that there are grants, loans and scholarships available to finance your education in graphic design. It is an extremely competitive field so choosing the college to attend may play a critical role in the positions you are offered upon graduation. Your portfolio is extremely important in the field and should include work you completed while in school as well as any small independent jobs you have done outside of class. The best kind of reference is one where you may find permanent employment. In other words while in school you should have the opportunity to intern at a company, take the chance.

A basic degree will earn you an average of fifty thousand per year, give or take a few thousand; however, with experience and a more advanced degree the learning potential increases to approximately eighty thousand or more per year. If you have a goal to be employed in a field of work you love and admire, it is important to get a great education in the field in order to excel in your field.

The demand continues to increase for graphic artists as advertisement continues to change and develop, however, as the need for a great graphic artist increase as does the completion for employment. Getting into a program that teachers you the must have bits of information needed for getting the job of your dreams is critical. Rather you want to be in animations or print advertising choosing a graphic arts program is the first step.

What is a Graphic Artist

A graphic artist is a person who is responsible for conceptualizing creative designs, and illustrating and implementing them in graphic form for publication in media such as print, digital media, motion pictures, animation, product decoration, packaging and signs. A graphic artist can have multiple job roles, as his post in a company depends on his work profile and his ability. For instance, a graphic artist in an advertising agency may be given the profile of an advertising account executive or an art director, whereas in a publication firm, a graphic artist can work as an illustrator or print-finishing artist.

In traditional contexts, a graphic artist is synonymous with a craftsman who composes visual material for printing or digital display, creating plates which could transfer designs to paper. However, in the modern context, a graphic artist does not need to bother with plate making, as computers and graphic tools have taken the place of traditional labor-intensive machinery. Even the job role of a graphic artist has undergone a change. No longer does an artist just create designs on a given parameter; he also has to be an able communicator, to interact with the clients for understanding their requirements and presenting his ideas in a proper manner. Modern day graphic artists should also have managerial capabilities to lead design teams and supervise the entire project, from conceptualizing the idea to printing the final product.

A graphic artist not only requires imagination and creativity, but should also have a firm grounding in the discipline of visual arts and be well-versed in color composition and color schemes, as an excellent designed advertisement with conflicting colors would have been returned by the client. An artist should also have expertise in software systems such as Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw to create high-quality designs. Modern graphic artists are multi-talented and can also create animated images and videos.

Although graphic artists were traditionally called commercial artists, with the changing trends in media, graphic artists are also working in digital media production houses as fine artists.

Graphic Design: Corporate Identity As Part Of Graphic Design

The corporation's stationery, marketing material, all kind of reports and possibly even the vehicles and uniforms, all individually reflect the organization.

Although branding and corporate identity experts typically have give explanations about how they do not just draw some pretty logos, it is the expertise of a graphic designer that transforms the very complicated process of corporate positioning and identity design into some very unique visual elements.

Graphic designing takes a brand that simply exists, as a construct, and transforms it into a unique brand with its exclusively beautifully designed identity. The process reaches the right answers and identifies the process that can implement the solution, making sure that the execution is perfect.

Rita Clifton, the chair at branding consultancy, Interbrand explains that brands do not exist merely as constructs, they must be beautifully designed. A process has to be followed to reach the correct answer, and another one is needed to implement the solutions, to make sure that they are execution is nothing, but brilliant.

One very important task for corporate specialist graphic designers is to go through the process to reach the correct answer. A company's visual identity is developed after a lot of research into what it is, what it represents and its future recourse. Graphic designers could work as strategic consultants, or work with strategic branding experts, searching for answers to these questions before they define any kind of corporate identity.

The founder of Johnson Banks, a corporate identity consultancy firm, Michael Johnson describes his experiences at his first job at Wolff Olins, a branding specialist firm. He says that he always wanted to work as an identity designer and when he got his first job, he thought it would mean sitting down and designing logos. Instead, he was surprised when he was instructed to carry out strategic research before starting work on any visual designing at all.

Many a graphic design company firmly believe that this type of branding strategy is progressively becoming more important. At his company, a project might not involve any kind of visual work for as long as six months, maybe even longer. Most people outside the company find this quite shocking. The front end which is the strategic side of the designing process has become very important.

Although you may have given a well-known logo designer, like Paul Rand, something like $ 10,000, and he would have simply designed your logo, there are few graphic designers who work like this.

Identity designing and branding have grown as a profession and to perform this job today, you may have to sit on your hands for some time, before you get to do any real designing tasks and as such, this is how a serious graphic design company should approach a project.