What does a graphic designer do?

Any professional in this field works with images and text to create elements and work that's visually aesthetic. They create logos, brochures, website banners, sliders, and advertisement etc. They work with images, paintings, photographs and digital media to use image and photo editing software and create designs.

Not only do they make great creations, they also make their creations speak to people in a special way. They're capable of creating graphics that send a message, both vocal and minority as need be.

Some Job Opportunities

Whatever message it is that you're trying to send out to the world, I'm sure you will agree that visual perception of a message is always higher and the impact more thinking. In that sense, this is a growing industry and experts are in high demand.

You can find these professionals working in either graphic design firm or with advertising agencies or other media companies like magazines, publishers, websites, newspapers, museums, restaurants or even FMCG companies.

While an agency or a firm may expect you to be working on multiple projects for different clients, the in-house employees of other companies and businesses will typically create graphics for in-house consumption.

And then, there's the route of self-employment or freelancing. Freelancers work for themselves and have the freedom to pick and choose what work they want to do. However, they also have to undertake their own marketing and procure their own clients. Here this route can be arduous and the path long. However, once you gain sufficient credentials the ability to get repeat clients and references increases.

The Money

Salaries vary. Graphic experts earn greatly differenting salaries depending on a number of factors. More talented and experienced professionals make more money. Your expertise in software, the cleanliness of the work, aesthetic appeal of your creations, a dynamic portfolio, understanding of fonts and calligraphy and the finer, nuanced differences between online and print design is what makes the difference. While degree is not important for freelancing, originality and creativity are. However, for proper employment, companies may look at some graduate degree as one of the eligibility criteria.

Required Education

There are bachelor's degrees available in graphic design these days. There is also an option of doing certification courses from good training centers, or specialty art schools. Choosing between the two is totally dependent on an individual's choice. University options are more all – round, while specialty centers are more focused. Just make sure you have a power-packed portfolio and some stunning graphic pieces that you can take genuine credit for.

What are my Options?

Well, the options are endless! With a qualification in these are, you can look for work and specialize in logos, book layouts, book covers, illustration, art or photograph editing. You could specialize in any one or more of these skills and make a career!

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