Commercial dishwashers can be categorized into two very different application areas. Firstly, there is the catering and leisure market, where the emphasis is on wash quality, speed and high throughput capacity to cope with rush hour peaks. Then there is the care market, where the emphasis is on wash quality, hygiene and thermal disinfecting to minimize the risk of patient and staff or visitor cross-infection. In both situations, the customer will be looking for excellent wash quality, along with reliability and trouble free usage. If selecting a commercial dishwasher in the UK, it is advisable to choose an appliance which has been tested by the Water Research Council and carries the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme approval. All commercial dishwashers approved by this scheme can be used in healthcare premiums which are classified Category 5 high risk, such as hospitals and care homes.

A heavy duty commercial dishwasher is an appropriate appliance for catering businesses such as cafés, pubs, clubs, bistros and restaurants. A typical machine can accommodate thirty plates, twenty-four cups, twenty saucers and cutlery, in a double tray with twin spray arms. Clean, fresh water is introduced into the machine during three cycles – pre-wash, main wash and final rinse. An excellent level of cleaning is achieved, as well as washing away any potential infectious materials.

For smaller promises, a semi-commercial dishwasher or glass washer may be more suitable, for example office kitchens and small care homes. Semi-commercial machines are highly economic to operate, freeing staff from the task of washing up, and consistently good quality results are produced.

High throughput commercial dishwashers are a necessity in large, busy restaurants and hotels, where many demands are placed on the staff and speed, cleanliness and functionality are paramount. In such establishments, there will be a varying size and composition of loads and only a heavy duty professional machine will be able to cope with this demand. Front loading tank system appliances may offer the best solution here. This type of machine is always ready for operation, due to the temperature of the wash water, which is held at a consistent 65 degrees. The final rinse is then transported out using fresh water at a variable temperature of a maximum of 85 degrees. Tank appliances can complete a full load in as little as sixty seconds, which equates to a maximum cleaning capacity of sixty baskets or more than one thousand plates per hour. Built-in water softener and dosing pumps may also feature and all machines come with a selection of tables, baskets and other accessories, meaning that they can be tailor to suit almost all locations and requirements.

If space is tight, then a compact commercial dishwasher can still fulfill your needs, as it is possible to buy one that has an ample room for pots, pans and trays, with a running time of a mere ninety seconds per load. This equates to a potential cleaning capacity of forty baskets containing seven hundred and twenty plates an hour. Valuable space is saved, as the machine contains integral detergent dosing and water softener.

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