There are several ways you can look at computer graphics. But no matter which way you do it all comes down to graphics are what makes a website stand out, or graphics are what makes your computer game so real looking. Or even if your graphics card that is in your computer might be what you are talking about. As a definition computer graphics is considered a sub-field of computer science, it studies methods of digitally synthesizing and or manipulating visual content. Although the term computer graphics will often refer to three-dimensional computer graphics, it will also include those two dimensional graphics and image processing.

Graphics as a term covers a wide area. Computer graphics is a very thought after career choice nowadays too! If you love to draw and are good at it computer graphics would be a great choice for a career for you, look into it. The field grows everyday, look at all the films that come out now with strictly computer graphics, Madagascar, The Bee Movie, and Kung Fu Panda are just a few. Not long ago that was unheard of, nor if it was done the graphics were one or two dimensional and not that good. Now though the 3-D graphics that are put out are so life-like.

One of the first computer graphic or computer animation displays was seen in Futureworld in 1979, on the movie a computer created hand and face was displayed. We've come a long way since this time, as stated above movies come out ever day that is completely computer animated.

Graphics are used in computer software games and also other games, such as Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Wii. If you go back and look at say Madden '98 and compare the graphics on that game to Madden '08 it's amazing the lengths they have come in such a short amount of time. Heck to even see a leap in a shorter amount of time get a copy of Madden '05 and compare that too the '08 version of the same game, in the short three years between the games the graphics are so amazingly different that it's mind boggling . It's not only sports games that have advanced far ahead of its processors, all types of games have catapulted to new levels with the technological advances of computer graphics.

How about all the fantasy role playing games you can play online in mass now? These are designed by computer programmers and computer graphics specialist. Everyday they advance the graphics by creating updates that are immediately available for online game players. If you've seen these back when they first come out and compare them to today, it's so amazing. Really computer graphics is a high technology field that is used in so many ways.

So next time you load that game and you see the sweat coming off of one of the players because the graphics are so advanced, tip your hat to all those amazing people who work on computer graphics.

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