The interactive whiteboard resources are very popular among the masses and it's been very happily accepted by all. But people should also be aware of the impact it has brought in the education standards. There are many institutions and societies who conducted surveys to check the impact of IWB resources on society. The survey was done to see whether the students have benefited from the resource or not. The survey carried out in the UK and other significant areas clearly shows the increase in student's performance level. The teachers have also shown a lot of innovations in the regular lessons which has spoken about this change.

The teachers share their positive experience about the interactive whiteboard. The IWB resources have helped them to make all possible changes in the curriculum which could benefit the students in all aspects. The surveys were conducted on the basis of student's age group, gender, length of exposure to the interactive whiteboard resources and other needs. The fist analysis reflected that the exposure to the resource acted as a mediator between the teachers and the students also among the students itself. The mediation between the teachers and students got the teachers more closely with the students, which reflected in the positive growth of the students. The national exam scores clearly prove the behavior. The regular use of the IWB resource by the students has recorded a consistent progress in all subjects at every level. The survey also highlights the growth difference as per gender.

These are some of the points which were covered by the survey committee.

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