If you are looking for an easy way to spruce up the appearance of your vehicle, you may want to consider using pinstriping graphics. There are many methods for applying pinstriping graphics including do-it-yourself.

Generally, pinstriping graphics appear in a variation of two colors. One color is used to set the pinstripe off from the body color and the thinner stripe is a contrasting color that assures the graphic stands out. Therefore, it is vary important that you choose the appropriate color scheme for your pinstripes.

When applying graphics to your vehicle, you should consider using the mechanical pinstriping method. This will assist in assuring straight lines with consistent width. This method uses a paint template or magnetic strip with a central groove that will hold securely to the vehicle, providing a guideline for your hand while painting the stripes.

Another method for application is stencil tape. This method allows you to apply different color stripes to your vehicle in various locations without having to wait for the others to dry.

The last method for applying graphics is freehand. This requires a lot of practice and an incredibly steady hand. This method allows more freedom to create a unique visual graphic on your vehicle. The best way to apply pinstriping graphics is to use strips of masking as a visual guide next to wherever you plan to paint.

As you can read here, there are many methods to applying pinstriping graphics of various assortments to your vehicle. With a little planning and the proper pinstriping supplies, you can create a work of art that will set your vehicle off from the rest!

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