I love to download tv commercials so I can watch them whenever and where I want.

When you see an old commercial from when you were growing up, does not it feel like you're reliving your childhood all over again?

I love to see the Dunkin Donuts guy shuffling along half sleep, "Time to make the donuts."

Or the Wendy's classic with the old lady asking "Where's the beef?"

Or maybe you prefer the more recent Miller Lite "cat fight" commercial?

Thanks to the internet, you can download tv commercials from any time period and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home.

So where are the best places to download tv commercials?

I download tv commercials from a few different places. The search engines are pretty hit or miss. You can find some goodies but you'll waste a lot of time searching.

YouTube is a good resource. They currently have several thousand tv commercials online. But they do not make it easy to download tv commercials to your computer or ipod, and the quality is not always the best.

Also, most of the tv commercials on YouTube are very recent. They do not have as good a selection of classics. I'm particularly fond of 1950's tv commercials and YouTube does not have much from that genre.

I've had a lot of success downloading tv commercials from membership sites. For a one-time fee of about $ 29- $ 39, I can download all the tv commercials I want.

I know, you do not want to pay to download tv commercials. I did not either at first. But then I realized how much time it saved me searching for the files I wanted. Plus I get to download all the movies, tv shows, and music videos I want without paying any extra fees.

If you want to be able to download lots of files quickly and easily, a membership site is your best bet.

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