Graphics are some of the best features of your websites. They decide how you feel about your website. I am not a graphic guru but I can certainly share most of my experience with you as concerned using free graphics designs for your website. In this tutorial, we are in fact going to look at some of the most common image formats that are used in free web 2.0 graphics. In this tutorial I will also try to use the free website graphics where each of you can actually learn to use any type of image in your website.

The graphic image format is probably one of the most common image format that one can use for a free web graphic design. Most of these have an additional advantage of being very small in size so they are in fact very fast loading. So, unlike JPEG's GIF's simply use lossless compressions so it makes possible for them to actually make the file size very much smaller without actually losing or even blurring any of its images all by itself.

Most of these free web 2.0 graphics also support transparencies making them actually sit on top of any back ground and not be seen. So they simply do not have any ugly looking triangles, not any more. One of the most important things about these bits is that they can really do free website graphics animation. So, you can simply use them for animations drawing each frames in GIF format and also support each as a single file. So on including this file in your animation will simply display the GIF image animation on your web page.

But such graphic feature may also be having a few disadvantages. And one of its major disadvantages is that they can only support 256 colors. So they may actually not be good enough for photographs. But then there are in fact many other ways of putting up your snap in the website. I am sure you can think of few better ways. These are free web 2.0 graphics and you do not actually pay for anything. So what's the harm in splitting and working a little bit.

So, with one of those you can reduce the size of your file so that it simply enables your web page to load much more quickly. Some of the busy not so busy lads simply get bored waiting for web pages to show up. At least you can be sure they are watching your web pages. As most of these may not go to another website!

More over most of these free web graphics programs let you control most of the GIF images on your web pages. So, simply try using some of the smallest palettes and you may know of the results. Most of the time 32 palettes are the ones that give you the best results. But if you need some of the low images then you can also try 16 palettes. But if you have decided to use a lots of color then it is always advisable to use lots of palettes. Some of them may also use 128 or even 256 palettes. So that not great.

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