Here are a few reasons how they're doing it, so let's get to it:

Since using free web graphics can improve the quality of your website, more visitors will literally think that you spent thousands on it, and are more lean on purchasing from you in the end. This is extremely important because it shows that you took the time to get your website professionally done, which only appeals more to visitors.

Using high-quality opt-in forms will give you a boost of subscribers upwards of 283%! If you do not capture names and emails, then you are just losing all those visitors that are coming to your website. What's the point of having visitors if you can not track them or sell to them later? There's even a special formula, that when used, will boost your rankings in Google up to about 150% but we can discuss that a bit later. I did not know about it until my grandmother used it and had tremendous results on her website!

You will receive over 5500 free web graphics, which is currently valued at $ 4,573. You're able to use these free web graphics anywhere you'd like, such as personal website, business website, squeeze pages, forums, member sites, affiliate sites, advertising, graphics, banners and the list goes on and on … This is literally the largest free graphic collection on the net! You will be blown away by the high quality graphics, and the best part of free web graphics is that they're FREE! All you have to do is download the graphics, copy and paste it … it's that easy.

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