One of the most difficult parts of starting a new website is making the online visual match the offline creativity and talent you possess!

You know that people judge a book by it's cover. It also stands to reason that people judge the quality of a website by it's graphics. You have literally seconds to make an impression and every pixel on your screen counts toward that.

People are by nature large visual learners. If your website is full of text alone you are missing out on a large portion of the population who need images and color to remember what they've seen.

How do you take your knack for making beautiful things and turn it into a visual, digital medium for everyone to enjoy and react to?

Graphics! And lots of 'em!

So the next question then becomes: How do I get graphics for my website, for cheap (or free).

Well, graphic designers are NOT free. While it is great to hire a professional it's just not always possible on the small business owners budget.

There is a faster and cheaper way to get graphics for your website: Do It Yourself!


With Gimp

What Is Gimp?

It's a free software program that rivals Photoshop in function but not in price. You can use gimp to create:

Headers – Use these to draw your readers in to your website and convert them into enthusiastic fans of your business.

Ads – Create graphics that sell your stuff. Getting people to click and convert.

Buttons – Want people to link back to your website? Create a simple button that they can copy and link to you with.

Accents – The same ol 'boring text puts your readers to sleep. Break it up with graphics or images that accent your point perfectly!

Product Covers – Selling a digital or even a physical product? You can use great graphics to help make sales by showing a digital representation of what you have for sale.

Now you might wonder how you can possibly do it yourself when graphic designers literally spend years honing their skills. Believe it or not you can learn some very simple graphic techniques that will allow you to create professional and useful graphics that get clicks and make more money.

Do not be caught with bad graphics! You can learn a few simple techniques to create high quality graphics that add personality and profit to your business.

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