Designing is a very important part of most businesses. Graphic design is the specialized field of design which makes use of techniques such as typography, visual arts and page layouts to create a striking image.

Graphic design is used by almost all companies to build a brand image and get a corporate identity.

Easily identifiable symbols of various companies which we recognize and connect with the companies are created by graphic designers. Whether it is the golden arc of McDonald's or the whoosh of Nike, all of these designs have germinated as ideas in the brains of a graphic designer. Advertising agencies and media houses work closely with graphic designers as they are essential to providing the customers with their demands.

The various techniques used in graphic design are:

o Visual arts – Before the application of any graphics, the designer has to visualize the scene. This visualization of various parts of a design can come from traditional art, photography or from the designer's experience.

o Typography – This is the selection of typefaces, fonts, point size, line length etc. This is done by typesetters, compositors, typographers, graphic artists, art directors, and clerical workers.

o Page layout – In this part the position, arrangement and treatment of the various elements are determined.

o Interface design – Designing is done for various media, from print to television to the internet. Each of these has its own need sand requirements. Interface design is the configuring of the content for the apt medium.

o Printmaking – The final step. Prints are made of the artwork, generally on paper. This gives the final draft of the design and any mistakes and changes are affected after this.

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