The corporation's stationery, marketing material, all kind of reports and possibly even the vehicles and uniforms, all individually reflect the organization.

Although branding and corporate identity experts typically have give explanations about how they do not just draw some pretty logos, it is the expertise of a graphic designer that transforms the very complicated process of corporate positioning and identity design into some very unique visual elements.

Graphic designing takes a brand that simply exists, as a construct, and transforms it into a unique brand with its exclusively beautifully designed identity. The process reaches the right answers and identifies the process that can implement the solution, making sure that the execution is perfect.

Rita Clifton, the chair at branding consultancy, Interbrand explains that brands do not exist merely as constructs, they must be beautifully designed. A process has to be followed to reach the correct answer, and another one is needed to implement the solutions, to make sure that they are execution is nothing, but brilliant.

One very important task for corporate specialist graphic designers is to go through the process to reach the correct answer. A company's visual identity is developed after a lot of research into what it is, what it represents and its future recourse. Graphic designers could work as strategic consultants, or work with strategic branding experts, searching for answers to these questions before they define any kind of corporate identity.

The founder of Johnson Banks, a corporate identity consultancy firm, Michael Johnson describes his experiences at his first job at Wolff Olins, a branding specialist firm. He says that he always wanted to work as an identity designer and when he got his first job, he thought it would mean sitting down and designing logos. Instead, he was surprised when he was instructed to carry out strategic research before starting work on any visual designing at all.

Many a graphic design company firmly believe that this type of branding strategy is progressively becoming more important. At his company, a project might not involve any kind of visual work for as long as six months, maybe even longer. Most people outside the company find this quite shocking. The front end which is the strategic side of the designing process has become very important.

Although you may have given a well-known logo designer, like Paul Rand, something like $ 10,000, and he would have simply designed your logo, there are few graphic designers who work like this.

Identity designing and branding have grown as a profession and to perform this job today, you may have to sit on your hands for some time, before you get to do any real designing tasks and as such, this is how a serious graphic design company should approach a project.

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