Your logo printed and displayed for the public is a reflection of your company, and is often where potential customers make their first judgment of your company. It is therefore critical to the success of your company that your logo is always printed at its very best.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your logo is always being printed at its best. The most important thing you can do for your logo is have it created as a vector rather than a bitmap. If need be, hire a professional graphic designer to do this for you. It will save a lot of heads in your future to have the logo created properly from the get-go. Once your logo is created make sure you receive a copy of your logo in vector format. You may not be able to open the file if you do not have the proper program, but this is the format all print companies will ask for. Make sure you get it.

When your logo is being designed, remember to keep it simple. Logos containing multiple colors, effects, gradients, etc are more expensive to reproduce in print format and often do not reproduce well. A logo should be simple in its original construction and be adaptable to each new print situation as necessary.

A vector logo will be created in a program such as Adobe Illustrator and will allow you endless freedom and creativity, as well as accuracy, when reproducing your logo in print and on the web. Any color can easily be changed for another. Elements can be moved around and manipulated, or removed completely if the situation calls for it. There is no limit for sizing your logo either, as there would be when printing from a bitmap.

Go through the process of selecting color from the PMS color system. This system was created to allow for color matching in all areas of logo reproduction. Color is an important element of an effective logo and it is important to be consistent with your color branding. By providing your print company with PMS values ​​you are ensuring your logo's colors will be printed properly. Even if the logo is being printed in CMYK the printer can still match the CMYK print to the PMS values ​​you originally supplied. If you do not supply your logo with PMS values ​​for matching you are making them guess what color is correct. Your logo and your branding are too important to be left up to guesswork.

While a logo created in Photoshop may look cool, it has limitations. Leave the PhotoShop versions of your logo for a specific time and usage and use your vector logo as much as possible. This will ensure your logo is always printed at its absolute best.

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