New Milford Photo has some great ideas to help parents and teachers bring the world of graphic design to children in a fun and practical way.

Parents and teachers are forever searching for new and interesting ways to give their children the skills they will need in the future. This can be a tough challenge sometimes but teaching graphic design on computers can be made into a fun and relevant game for children of any age.

Using New Milford Photo's transfer paper available online from their website, newmilfordphoto dot com, children can begin to create their own T-shirts and clothing, or even decorative mugs.

All manner of pictures can be printed onto the highly versatile transfer paper, using a color inkjet printer. Children can have fun, whether cropping photographs or creating their own artwork on the computer. The printed pictures are then easily transferred onto fabric or ceramic (depending on the type of transfer paper used) in a short time by applying heat to the transfer. In the case of fabric transfers, this can be done using a standard household iron.

By encouraging children to be creative in this way, they will not only benefit by spending quality time with their parent or teacher, but they will gain a level of computer literacy, combined with learning how the creative process can be productive. The personalized T-shirts they make are designed to last; with normal washing, the transfers can withstand around 40 to 50 washes.

John LaPerch, director of New Milford Photo comments, "Our iron-all transfer paper is ideal for kids' clothing as it can be used on such a wide variety of fabrics and can be ironed over once the transfer has been applied to the clothing. We also have some fantastic vinyl transfers in neon colors and hologrammatic effects which children will be able to have some real fun with! "

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