According to a recent report in Financial Times, the UK would require more than 96,000 engineers in the coming three to four years, and it is just to replace the retiring engineers. In the same report, the MD of Siemens was quoted as saying that the engineering talent deficiency in the UK is going to impact the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in a big way. The condition is more or less the same in the US. That is the reason that more and more western companies are looking to outsource their engineering projects.

CAD projects account for the highest number of engineering processes that are outsourced. Although there are several outsourcing options available in the marketplace for CAD projects, clients can gain a lot by hiring of virtual employees to execute these projects. A virtual employee is a resource that works exclusively for one client from a remote location. By hiring a virtual resource, a client can outsource even small projects like paper to CAD conversion and architectural CAD drafting etc.

This outsourcing model has several benefits:

1. Flexible outsourcing solutions: A client can hire a dedicated virtual employee through a reputed vendor. These employees work exclusively for the client to handle the CAD designing under the control of the client. It is up to the client to choose the number of CAD engineers that they want to hire. Depending on the requirement, a company can increase or decrease the size of its remoting working team. This aspect of service provides a lot of flexibility to the client. This flexibility in turn optimizes the cost of the outsourced CAD design project. Virtual employees are a reliable solution for small and medium enterprises as they get the best of services at an affordable price.

2. Easy to manage employees: The best thing about hiring a team of VE is that it is very easy for the client to manage this team. First of all, the virtual employees are legally employed by the vendor. Therefore, the service provider is responsible for all the HR functions like payroll, leave management etc. In such a scenario, the client is free to concentrate on their core competencies. Moreover, all the members of the remotely working team work from one location which makes the communication between client and the team very easy. The vendor can provide the client with all the communication tools like video-conferencing, Skype and web camera etc. All these facilities give better control to the client on their outsourced CAD design project.

3. Result oriented solutions: By hiring virtual employees, a client can expect timely delivery of service. This is because the client has complete control of the outsourced CAD design project through state-of-the-art communication devices. They can set targets for the virtual resources and can also follow them up. Therefore, hiring of remote employees is a result-oriented outsourcing solution for a CAD designing project.

All these benefits make hiring of virtual employees the ultimate outsourcing solution for CAD projects.

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