Acer is soon to come out with the Aspire One 532G. This will be the latest netbook in the Aspire One line that has been the best selling line of 10 "netbooks. to most other models.

There is something extremely interesting about the way this netbook is designed in terms of it's graphics. There is always a debate between having a higher power machine that can do a bit more while keeping a low power device so that it gets more battery life. Typically, you can have one or the other. This new netbook will allow you to have both.

How it works is that it's using something called Optimus technology which comes from NVIDIA which is a popular graphics card manufacturer. The idea is that when the netbook is not using high powered graphics or 3D rendering, it will simply use the low power on board graphics chipset that most expect out of a netbook. This is nothing fancy. But this new technology will allow the netbook to switch to a high powered graphics card when there is a need for 3D rendering.

This means that your netbook will save power when there is no need for advanced graphics while being able to also have quality graphics. With it's ports, it can be connected to a high definition television screen and actually play high definition files flawlessly with it's better graphics rendering which would be an example of what this technology could do.

Now a netbook exists with up to 10 hours of battery life with graphics capabilities that are years beyond what even the most expensive laptops could do just a few years ago. Hopefully the model of high and low power settings will continue to get performance and battery life out of the same device.

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