One of the first quests that every new home based entrepreneur embarks on is a search for cost-effective business cards. Business cards really are a must regardless of the product, service, or opportunity you are marketing. That being said, good business cards can get expensive so many find themselves asking "how can I print business cards free from home for free?" By using Google you will find hundreds of sites "claiming" to offer free business card design. Make sure you review the following article before wasting your time on a "bait and switch" claim of a free service.

What is not openly disclosed is that almost all those sites actually have a price in the end. Some offer to print and ship the cards for a fee. Some will let you design your card, but if you want to actually download the design it will cost you. Still others let you print from home for a fee. So what is a frugal entrepreneur to do?

I have found that your best bet is to actually download a free business card maker to your computer. There are many to choose from on the net and many more that really are not free; however, it is certainly better to figure that out before spending time designing a card that you can not use. One of my favorite websites for card design is; however I will discuss three of your top free download options below.

Below is a list and brief description of the most popular free program downloads to choose from. You can simply run any of these three freeware programs though a search engine and you will find multiple sites hosting downloads for them.

Three Good Options

SmartCodeStudio Community Edition

This program offers a good free version. There is also a paid version, but the free one has very good graphics and has a lot more options than you will find at many paid sites. It has a good user-friendly process to design your cards and is one of the most widely used free programs for card making.

Easy Card Creator "free"

Although all these programs are similar, Easy Card Creator has some great graphics options and is simple to use. The interface is user-friendly for beginners and this is a great option for a more professional look. It has somewhat simpler designs than some others, but creates simple, professional looking cards.

DesignPro Limited Edition

This program actually can help with many different task, but it has a good card making option on it. This program too has an easy user interface and has a ton of pre-made graphic options.

Any of the above programs can get you on your way to creating very professional quality business cards for free. I have seen the results of all of them and they are fairly comparable, but I would encourage you to check each one out and see what looks best to you. You next decision is going to be either to print the cards out yourself or take them into a print store. If you have a high quality printer and buy the top of the line paper, printing at home can be an OK option. I actually bring mine into a local print store, but I have done it both ways.

Because you are reading this article I know you understand one fundamental of any startup business; Marketing is key to success! Every new entrepreneur must design a workable marketing strategy or face immanent failure, especially in today's economy.

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