There's a right way, and an easy way to apply your decal or graphics. You decide which works best for you, then that's the right way.

Preparing the surface for your decal:

The surface area that the vinyl goes on must be clean and free of grease, dust, or any contaminates. A 60/40 mixture of vinegar and water or soap and water works well to clean the surface; glass cleaners may not allow vinyl to adhere properly. Before applying the decal, wipe the area with isopropyl alcohol * and wipe it dry with a clean cloth. If any solvent residue is left on the surface gas bubbles may appear. Do not apply vinyl decals or Graphics to a fresh paint. Freshly bent surfaces must be completely cured then left to stand for 3 weeks before adhering your decals or graphics.

Now, follow one of the methods below to apply your vinyl graphic.

(Our Preferred Method)


This method is a little more involved, but perfect alignment is guaranteed. Temperature: Must be above 46 ° F, we prefer 60 ° F. Make sure there is no major drop in temperature for the first 24 hours. Position the entire vinyl package (application tape, vinyl graphic and backing paper) and hold in position with a small amount of masking tape. Step back, look, and / or measure to check alignment.

Next lap masking tape from upper to lower edge of the package onto the surface you are applying to. This creates a hinge that will allow perfect alignment. Hinge the package down so that the backing is exposed. Slowly peel the backing away from the application tape / vinyl package, slowly hinge back into position, and press in place starting at the lower edge and working back and forth as you move up the decal. Go over the area using a plastic squeegee across the film in overlapping sweeps as you move across the decal to further press the vinyl in place. Do the same for the other side. Once the decal is on, slowly start to peel the transfer tape from one end.

For best results, peel the tape at a low angle (close to the surface) towards the remaining tape and graphic. If the tape is rolled up at 90 ° to the surface, the vinyl might come with it. If any vinyl tries to lift, simply press it back down with the transfer tape and try peeling again.


This method is messier, but the graphic can be re-positioned if necessary. Temperature must be above 64 °. Liberally spray the surface that the vinyl is being applied to with some water containing a very small amount of dish washing liquid (2-3 drops of soap per quart). Slowly peel the transfer tape / vinyl package away from the vinyl backing and position on sprayed surface. Since the area has been heavily sprayed, the graphic can be moved and repositioned. Once it is in the correct location, squeegee the water out from the vinyl / tape package with a plastic squeegee, credit card or other stiff plastic. Go over the area across the film in overlapping sweeps as you move across the decal to further press the vinyl in place. Smaller drops of water left under the vinyl will eventually evaporate. Allow the package to remain until completely dry before peeling the transfer tape. Again peel the tape at a low angle, press any stubborn vinyl back in place and re-peel.

* Isopropyl alcohol is recommended as the cleaning agent as other agents may, under certain conditions, attack the paint or reduce the adhesive strength of the film.

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