Let’s say you want to locate your high school buddy. There are thousands of sites these days that specialize only in this area (locate school friends). The 2 leading ones are Reunion.com and Classmates.com. The great part about these websites is that they offer their information for free, plus the info is available only there.

There is another good service called pipl.com which is for searching through the “deep web”. For those of you who have no idea what a “deep web” is, here is a basic definition: websites that Google or Yahoo can’t index. Plus, Pipl is a search engine specializing ONLY in people search so you get my point.

Oh, did I mention Google? Of course, it would be a sin if we forget the ‘big brother’. Google is one of the ultimate places for locating people. Actually, the amount of information you can get there about a person is pretty scary. Apart from being the best search engine in the world, Google is slowly becoming the best people search engine thus making Pipl and similar sites pretty useless. I have seen some things that indicate that Google will soon enough start indexing the deep web. Will then “specialized people search” sites go out of business? Time will tell.

What about search through some social networking sites like Hi5 and MySpace? There are plenty of them to be honest and it’s very hard to go to every one of them and perform manual search. That’s way sites like YoName.com exist which allow you to search for them at once thus saving you tons of time.

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