Writing articles is one of the most important things that many of the seven-figure marketers teach for traffic generation and for earning money. The power of article marketing refers to the general purpose of the internet itself – to share and distribute information. This is the purpose of article marketing as well – share and distribute information.

For information marketers the purpose of article writing and distribution is often to help generate traffic. But also, marketers will use articles, submitted to different directories, as a means of creating back-links to their site. These back-links can help with achieving search engine optimization, as the search engines will rank a site that appears to be 'popular,' that is, what the search engine sees as having many links to it.

Ways to Create Articles

The first method is to outsource the articles – that is to hire them out and have someone else write them for you. This can be done on a number of sites like Elance.com, Odesk.com, Freelancer.com and a dozen others too. These sites allow a marketer to post a project and receive bids back for freelance writers who will write the articles for the marketer.

The second method is to take some audio or video material that the marketer may already have and then have it transcribed and edited into a series of articles. For a number of public speakers, this is an ideal option because they already have records of themselves delivering solid content that can easily be re-purposed.

The third method for writing quick and simple articles is to sit down and gather some resources online and then read through them. After reading through, make a list of the 'bullet-points' that come to mind that seem important for a reader to know. Take these bullet-point notes that you have taken down and compile them into a few paragraphs, each about 4-5 sentences long each. With concentration and focus a new article could have turned out in as little as 15 minutes.

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