Secret of the Solstice (SoS) features simple graphics. No complicated drawings, no over-rated instructions and definitely not another boring online game.

The story is about the land of Xen, rule by a king that has two daughters.These two are Adeline and Marian, one was like the sun radiant and loved by all, the other the moon, only seen when darkness falls. And the solstice sphere, a magical item given by the gods to men.

The BGM (Background Music) when creating the character is playful and soothing. That could also be said for the different music played on different maps, towns, dungeons inside the game. The graphics of this game is by far one of the best I've seen for 2D / 3D games. The drawings of characters and monsters are simple and cute.

It makes you remember all the good things that an online game can offer a few years back, when everything was still in 2D / 3D format.

When you are new to gaming, you tend to look for simple things, and easy to understand instructions. I was surprised to find my character walking automatically towards NPC's and finishing quests by itself (at least from level 1-10) respectively. This game features a variety of character classes that players can choose from.

Secret of the Solstice offers different maps for different styles of leveling. If you go solo, you might experience a lot of hardships before you reach your desired level. Party leveling is always the best option, which is more of a rule of thumb in online games. The interaction between players is what makes an online game unique, and SoS makes that possible.

What is the difference of SoS from other online games? Simple, expect the unexpected, especially when it comes to monsters. There is no way for you to know how strong those monsters are. Typically, the imaginative part of gamers plays an important role between life and death situations. When it looks scary it might be strong, when it looks cute, it might kill you. Yes, you would be literally hiring that you did not make the wrong choice.

Engaging a monster in this game would be more on luck and your personal discretion of the word "harmless".

When you're tired of playing those demanding hardcore online games, the Secret of the Solstice will give you exactly what you're looking for. A quality online game, without complicated instructions.

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