Having graduated from college 20 years ago I have spent a large part of my working life keeping up with technology that was not available when I was in school. Currently I am considering a graphic design certificate for several reasons. In my current position I am called upon to work with graphics and design all of the time. I have learned through my job but I do not have a certificate in graphic design to show that I have completed courses. That combined with my portfolio of completed projects could propel me into a better job.

There are numerous schools that offer online programs for a graphic design certificate. That could work well for me and anyone who is working full time and trying to go to school. from what I have learned on the internet most people recommend getting a certificate from a school with a well know and positive reputation. I am looking forward to taking some of the courses that I have read about including Digital Illustration, Multimedia Courses, Audio/Video and Presentation Graphics Classes and so much more. In my current position I have only learned what I need to know to get my job done. Now I will have the opportunity to become fully educated and feel as if I am up to date with technology.

Some of the programs that I have looked into have more focus on one area or another. A few had more courses on web based design classes while others were more broad spectrum and had all types of art, design, and computer graphics.

There are some programs that allow a person to complete an Associates Degree. I will consider all of my options but right now I think a certificate program in graphic design will be exactly what I need. My confidence level will be so much better after I complete the certificate program. No longer will I feel like I have a limited knowledge of graphic design.

Years ago everything was drawn on paper but now with all of the technical and digital options available it is next to impossible to design anything without the aid of a computer. My hope is that a graphic design certificate will not only increase my confidence level for designing but that it will increase my future job opportunities and help me create good work for my portfolio.

Louis Zhang, Accrgraphicdesigncourses dot com

Published by pixie

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