The first type of boring pencil drawing tutorials are just too short. There are a few pictures in different stages, and underneath you find a few captions, and that's it. The captions are short sentences that explain the technique. They are useful but they never fail to make me think that there should be more.

It just does not feel natural. It's like talking to someone who always reply with short sentences. You ask them a question, they give you a one word answer. Then you think, probably they're just shy. So you try again to make contact and you bring up another subject. This time they do a little better. They come with up exactly two words, just so they can make up a sentence to satisfy you.

You ever meet somebody like that? It's almost impossible to carry on a conversation with people like that. And it's probably people who are like that who will put out tutorials that are so short.

The second type of tutorials that will bore you to tears, are just too serious. They talk nothing but technique, technique, technique. That's like having an art teacher, who walks into the classroom and talk nothing but art techniques.

There are no stories, no background information, no interesting examples, no nothing. Just a bunch of boring information on art theories and techniques. A computer can do this job. We do not need a human being if it's just dishing out information.

What we really need, is someone who can connect and respond to the students. No computer in the world can do that.

Published by pixie

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