So there has been a ton of success for games made on the PC, not necessarily, the quantity of games shipped, but the quality of the games development. PC gamers are the new connoisseur of gaming, standards have to be met to please the most hardcore of gamer on the PC. The expectation of graphics, gameplay, controls and overall feeling of the game must present itself as a true landmark over its home console counterparts, and effectively use whatever hardware a gamer has on its PC. The line has been stretched so thin between a casual PC player like a "bejewler" from a hardcore PC Vet playing all the newest first person shooters. Are PC games better than console games? and is worth all the money shoveling in order to get a worthy computer?

PC games better? Well it is all an opinion, but, PC gamers like myself value something in the mouse and keyboard as uncomfortable people might find the controls. And a lot of people like to think they get what they pay for, which in this instant I fully heartedly believe. Computer hardware for gaming can get very expensive and, although, games are only 50 bucks (ten dollars cheaper than Xbox 360), the graphics card, ram upgrade and whatever else you need is an arm and toe out of your paycheck. The newest FPS Crysis is a modern gem that everyone is raving about because it gets the closest to looking as real as possible. But most people can not play this game on their store bought Dell, they will need a graphics card that cost around 300.00 500.00 dollars. The Nvidia 8800GTX will do quite nicely, this graphics card has 512MB of ram and will make Crysis and Gears of War run better than imaginable, but is it worth the price?

I've come to find that the price is well worth it, the computer is my console and I would not have it any other way. Forking out the extra money for the uprising of great games is something I want to do, and personally I find it outweighing the other gaming options more than 2 fold.

So you might feel the same way as I do, and you need to get some upgrades on your computer. Well like I said if you have a fairly good processor in your computer than you need to upgrade to 2 gigs of Ram and get a graphics card with at least 256 MB, which varies with what you want to play. And there are cheaper graphics cards out there for less than 200.00 dollars, you just need to know where to look (scroll down for the link to look at games and what graphics cards they need). Other options to look at are buying a new gaming computer, check out the Area-51 7500 if you want a desktop, or the Area-51® m5550 if you want a laptop. They both are made by the best company for gaming computers: Alienware, and will only cost you a little over 1000.00 dollars. And give you best monitors, speakers, hardware and more for playing PC games.

Published by pixie

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