Does your direct sales company allow you to create your own website to sell their products? Creating your own website is a fun and challenging adventure and will give your customers a taste of your personality.

If you've never built a website before, there are many terrific website builders online. These will make building your first website extremely easy. Do you need to know more of the basics of building a website? Here are some tips you can use for building a great direct sales website:

1. Keep the color scheme uncomplicated. Do not use "busy" colors or graphics for backgrounds on your website. Use a simple two- or three-color scheme for your pages.

2. Keep it simple. Remember the saying, "Rome was not built in a day"? Start out simple and then plan to add to your website every day.

3. Highlight products. Does your company have a new product? Create a special section on your home page to highlight new products as they are introduced, maybe once a week, or once per month.

4. Offer a free newsletter. Offering a free newsletter on your website is an easy way to collect email addresses and keep in touch with your customers.

5. Add a business blog. Need to keep in touch with your customers on a daily basis? Blogs are wildly right right now and are super simple to set up and use.

6. Host a contest. Everybody loves getting something for free. Host a contest on your website for a free give-away of some of your most popular products.

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