Because NURBS can actually incorporate simple shapes to build complex geometry, there are some handy techniques that you can use when you are building NURBS objects. When using Point curves, you can reduce the overall amount of computing resources taken up by the model by keeping the number of points relatively low. In other words, do not add any extra points if the shape does not need it. Like splines, however, NURBS curves need extra points if you need more detail.

The curves will not render smoothly unless you add points to them. It is not until a NURBS curve becomes a surface does it actually render smoothly-as part of the surface instead of an independent spline.

Remember that you can convert normal Bezier splines into NURBS curves by using the attachment method.

However, most attached splines require that you use the Join command to connect all the broken points. When starting out with or eventually working with complex NURBS surfaces, you will find that it is best to work one section at a time.

Complex NURBS models tend to slow MAX down quite a bit. There is no way around this except to hide sections of the model that you are not working on. After you have decided, at least tentatively, on which modeling method to use, you can begin to figure out how to model your design. Whether you opted for Polygons, NURBS, or a combination, you will next need to determine where on your model is the right place to start.

When looking for a starting point, ask yourself, “Where is the foundation?” For an architectural design, it is often the actual foundation or at least a floor plan. Rarely would you start to build a house by constructing the roof first. For a character, you would usually start at the center of gravity and work outward.

For a mechanical design, you would often start with the smaller, essential component and build outward. Whatever your situation calls for, it is safe to say that starting from some foundation point for modeling is the most sure-fire way to begin the modeling process.

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