Graphics are visual elements often used to point readers and viewers to particular information. Graphics add spice and style to web pages, and can help your visitors visualize what your site is about and how it’s structured. Graphics are commonly used in business and economics to create financial charts and tables. Graphics are among the primary ways of advertising the sale of goods or services.

Websites began to use the GIF format to display small graphics, such as banners, advertisements and navigation buttons, on web pages. There is no limit in the Web specifications to the graphical formats that can be used on the Web. There are many resources, demos and tutorials on the basics of graphics design and construction, including integrating images into your webpage’s that you will find on the web. Numerous websites have been created to host communities for web graphics artists.

Modern web browsers can now display JPEG, PNG and increasingly, SVG images in addition to GIFs on web pages. Web Images Can Be Used To Add Realism To Edited Photos. Computer graphics researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed systems for editing or altering photographs using segments of the millions of images available on the. JPEG images have generated tremendous interest among photographers, artists, graphic designers, medical imaging specialists, art historians, and other groups for whom image quality is paramount and where color fidelity cannot be compromised by dithering a graphic to 8-bit color. Apart from that, resolution problems are in the image file itself, and must be corrected there: use or create a higher-resolution image file.

3D computer graphics are works of graphic art that were created with the aid of digital computers and specialized 3D software. In recent times, digital photography has opened the way to an infinite number of fast, but strong, manipulations. Whether you’d like to browse your image collection and view pictures, convert between formats, print your graphics as hard copy, acquire images from a digital camera, maintain a sophisticated keyword database, decode pictures from the Internet, process and fine-tune your photographs. As part of an industry that is at the forefront of information technology, Graphics must be a leader with respect to the converging technologies in multimedia, computer-assisted design, reprographics and digital printing, network information services and network-based processing, electronic imaging, custom publishing, and electronic information access.

Computer graphics are often used in the majority of new feature films, especially those with a large budget. Since then, computer graphics have become more accurate and detailed, due to more advanced computers and better 3D modeling software applications, such as Cinema 4D. Most modern web graphics are made with Adobe Photoshop, the GIMP, or Corel Paint Shop Pro. Yet most page design elements, diagrams, typography within images, and many illustrations are composed of hard-edged graphics and bright color boundaries that are seldom encountered in photographs.

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