Unfortunately the old standby methods of advertising, such as flier inserts or radio ad spots are becoming a thing of the past. There is less interest in reading anything that is not on the internet or listening to anything that is not on an mp3 player. Advertisers have had to work at coming up with new ideas to capture those consumer dollars and there's no doubt that attractive graphics in eye catching colors and catchy logos are appealing potential customers.

Window graphics can reach out and grab the attention of even the busiest person. It's a case of "they just have to stop and look" and that imprints on the visual memory, meaning they will remember what they saw because it made an impact. People are by nature, curious animals and if you put large vinyl self stick graphics on a store window you will see an increase in traffic coming into that store.

Advertisers are taking advantage of this tried and true idea with a reliably new twist and taking it to the streets, literally! By adapting the same attention getting ideas as used in store fronts, they are now applying vinyl graphics to car windows, but new technology has taken it one step further. By developing a vinyl graphics material with perforations, the industry has created a product that adheres well to glass and can survive the extreme conditions of intense sunlight and heat.

The unique quality of this vinyl graphics material is that it acts almost like a two way mirror. While those outside can see the colorful message, they can not see in, but anyone inside the car has a clear and unobstructed view to the outside. So this makes it a completely safe material to use. It lasts longer with no flaking or pealing and will not damage your car windows when removed.

These qualities make auto windshields the ideal billboard on wheels to promote your services, products or website. Once installed this form of advertising is automatically free and the vinyl graphics on your window will get the message out there, whether on the move or sitting still.

There are still relatively few advertisers using vinyl graphics on autos as a form of advertising. This means that innovative business owners can take advantage of a perfect opportunity to use this unique form of promotion.Vinyl graphics with their bright colors and customized logos can create a winning plan for any business owner.

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