The ultimate in Xbox – 360 is here now with the best in graphics and full Dolby sound. So many games are available – from racing and sports to puzzles to action and adventure, and more. The menu of titles will leave are amazing in scope and diversity. This system is created with all the must-have titles and games. It is absolutely thrilling to play with an Xbox 360 – movie-quality imaging, excellent sound clarity, and crystal-clear high-definition graphics. This will be a one of a kind experience as you see why millions are demanding the Xbox 360. Interactive gaming has never been better with increased functionality and multimedia experiences – all in one package. Broadband allows connection with others via Xbox Live, and you will understand better why so many love this new online service. Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005-based PC provides digital music, movies, and ‘live’ television programming in different areas in your home. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, there will be something of interest in Xbox 360’s gaming system. This is the best in value for excellence in gaming and entertainment, and this article is written to inform you of the improved graphics, games, and other information.

Game developers listen to complaints from users, and their continued research and development produces the best in advanced technology offering extraordinary next-generation games, increased processing power, ease of on-line access, and many other Xbox 360 enhancements. Packaging includes the basics plus a media remote (free for a specified time), a one-month Xbox Live Gold Trial, and a free Xbox Live Silver membership. The cost varies anywhere between $300 and $400, but the price is good when you consider the vast amount of gaming at your fingertips. A Silver membership requires broadband internet connection and an Xbox 360 storage unit.

Xbox 360 has the edge on gaming graphics. Xbox 360 uses an ATI processor to deliver 48 pipelines of graphics processing power with astonishing results. Games include the franchise title Halo 2, Jet Set Radio Future, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and many others. Xbox 360 gives the feeling of being in control rather than just watching. The game selection is astronomical and will provide limitless enjoyment for one or multiple players. Storage for Xbox 360 games is provided on the double layer DVD which can store up to 9 gigabytes. Game developers continue to strive in creating fun and diverse interactive games appealing to everyone. The controller is basically the same shape as with previous systems with a different color plan. It is hoped that the controller will still be comfortably natural to use but one does not how it will feel until it is in your hand.

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